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All my life it is the .....

Fascination for objects and topics that require organization and design to bring the reflection of the task in photography as a special idea in line with my philosophy ....

.... that makes my job my vocation.


Photo designer Shari

1985-1988 training as a portrait photographer in Bretten / Baden.

1987 Admission to the "International Gifted Education", Workshop Linz

1988 Hospitanz at the television station SWF Baden-Baden.

Then assistant year in Pforzheim to jewelry and advertising photographer.

1990-1993 commercial photographer and studio manager in Pforzheim

1999 Member of the "Alliance Deutscher Designer"

Since 2000 self-employed photo designer

2001-2002 book project with the women's representative of the city of Pforzheim.

2004-2011 Lecturer for advertising photography at the Academy for Marketing and Communication in Stuttgart.

Since 2006 own photo studio in Kämpfelbach

2011 Photo Expedition Norway and Spitsbergen

2012 Photo Expedition Canada - Nova Scotia, with the company Leica

2013 Photo Tour Southwestern United States

2014 Photo Tour South of France

2016 Project "Experimental Photography"

2017 30th anniversary with a big exhibition

2019 Director of an architecture workshop of the company Leica / Wetzlar

..... look what's coming!

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